Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crashes with CyanogenMod and apps2sd

A handful of users have been reporting force closes and bugginess when running reddit is fun and CyanogenMod and apps2sd. Unfortunately I don't use either, so I can't reproduce the bugs.

I wonder if any Android developers who do use these mods would mind helping debug this issue?

(follow the issue at http://github.com/talklittle/reddit-is-fun/issues/#issue/13)

EDIT: Ok, I looked at xda-developers forum and see there's this script, switchrom.sh to make it easier to switch between different ROMs. Well, I guess I'll try it out then.

Used this recovery image by JesusFreke to do Nandroid backup before anything else. Then replaced with Cyanogen's 1.4 after I installed CyanogenMod (probably could have skipped using the first recovery image at all... oh well)

Took a break and donated 5 bucks to Cyanogen's beer fund :)

Then backed up sd card contents, and following directions here to setup partitions for apps2sd (which is automatic in Cyanogen rom after doing partitioning)

EDIT2: Yes, I have now indeed encountered force closes that I didn't encounter with stock rom. They mostly happen when rotating the screen. Happened again when rotating screen with login dialog onscreen. Also I get a weird bug where it doesn't load the threads list correctly the first time, and I have to refresh to get anything to show up.

EDIT3: FIXED!!! I had a bunch of errors caused by things like weird Android behavior, trying to run onPrepareDialog for every possible Dialog whenever you rotate the screen or return from another Activity, leading to NullPointerExceptions. Some other things too, like having to setup the DefaultHttpClient to be multithreaded (found examples on apache.org HttpClient 4.0 samples). So grab version 0.7.11, and CyanogenMod too :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Released reddit is fun under GPLv3

I just open sourced my first Android app, reddit is fun. I did it because I won't have time to maintain it anymore (or if I do have time, I think I'm ready to move onto other projects). Hopefully people will find it useful, or even better, contribute to it. Contributions could be in the form of better themes, improved layouts, and added features (like offline caching).

I chose GPL over the Apache license because I think GPL makes more sense here. I gave it a lot of thought, and I think that if I use GPL (which requires derived works to also release their source under GPL) then it'll be easier for people to contribute to a "community" sort of app. The alternative under Apache would be that people could take the code and do whatever they wanted, and then keep the changes to themselves as closed source. Which might be good if people want to make a really high quality reddit app and keep the source to themselves. But really, I can't see additions to the current code being so drastic that people would want to hide their changes.

Git repository: http://github.com/talklittle/reddit-is-fun/tree