Monday, July 23, 2012

aww: reddit pictures widget

Today I'm releasing a new Android widget called "aww". It shows reddit pictures on your home screen. The app name comes from a popular subreddit called /r/aww which shows pictures of cute things that make you say "aww" (mostly pets). The widget lets you show pictures from any subreddit, not just /r/aww.

I made the widget because I felt a need to easily view content and decorate your Android phone with reddit content. My girlfriend had gotten a new Android phone, and while she said she enjoys my reddit is fun app, I knew reddit's comments and commentary weren't really her thing. But once I installed "aww" on her phone, she suddenly got very interested in the picture subreddits. Her favorites are /r/aww and /r/earthporn (work safe). Most importantly, she doesn't have to launch a new app just to view the images; they're right there on her home screen.

So, the target audience of this widget encompasses true redditors and lurkers alike. It brings the content right to your home screen, without the need to sift through the post titles and the vote scores and drown in the comments, if you don't want to.

Put another way, it's the laziest way to view reddit pictures on your Android device.

See more screenshots on the Google Play Store app page:

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