Tuesday, August 18, 2009

reddit is fun v0.5.3

I just released 0.5.3 of reddit is fun!

So, thanks to helpful feedback from people, I fixed quite a few stability issues. It sucks to admit it, but the first release had lots of synchronous tasks that should have been asynchronous. I hadn't realized that was really necessary until people told me about their crashes. So I went back to eclipse and pounded away at the app for hours, refactoring until I turned all the synchronous crap into AsyncTasks, which are EXTREMELY useful on Android. (Before I knew about AsyncTask, I was trying to use Threads and Handlers and callbacks, and keeping track of the state of the Activities. AsyncTask takes care of the nitty gritty stuff and makes it much easier and more robust.)

Anyway I'm also getting good suggestions for UI improvements. Awesome. I really like my pace on this project because it feels like I can just get into it and keep going full speed. Maybe it's the fact that it's all Java and that Eclipse fills in a lot of the uninteresting stuff for you so you can worry about the program instead of the code. There were a couple debug sessions that dragged on, though. But it's always nice to take a step back and think of a possible cause and solution for a bug, and even nicer when it works. It kicks butt. No, it kicks two butts. Make that three.

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  1. On my HTC Hero, when I go to select subreddit, the textbox at the top has focus, so the onscreen keyboard is displayed, obscuring most of the subreddits list.