Saturday, August 22, 2009

reddit is fun v0.6.0 - You can submit links

I just released reddit is fun 0.6.0 and it feels awesome. (the act of releasing a new version, that is.)

The big feature of 0.6.0 is posting new threads (links or self posts). Yessss.


Anyway, there's still a long way to go before my app reaches "pro" status. First up are things like the orange-red envelope, expanding and collapsing comment trees, and viewing user posting histories.

I also have a long list of big and small changes I'd still like to make. So there's plenty left to do. Too bad when school starts I'll have a lot less time to work on this.

Reddit post:

EDIT: 0.6.1 lets you follow links embedded in comments. It was annoying not to be able to get to those. I copied the behavior of the Android Messaging app.

EDIT: 0.6.2 lets you hide comments by long-pressing and using the context menu. I figure the context menu can be used for less frequently used (for me at least) actions, while regular clicks will show the frequently used actions -- voting, reply, and visiting links embedded in the comment.

Edit: 0.6.3 lets you go to the next/previous pages in threads list. hooray! It was weird implementing this because the reddit API requires you to provide the correct "count" value in the URL, or else it doesn't tell you how to get back to the previous page. Whatever. Details...
Also fixes the bug with rotating the screen putting you back at the reddit frontpage instead of whatever subreddit you were in.

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