Monday, August 31, 2009

reddit is fun v0.7.0 - My last major release for awhile

reddit is fun v0.7.0!

New features:
  • check your reddit mail. change the mail notification style, or disable, in Menu->Settings.
  • automatic background mail notification service, off by default. (Menu->Settings)
  • change sort order of threads and comments. new, hot, top, etc.
  • pick from your personalized subreddit list
  • let you change default starting reddit (Menu->Settings)

This'll be my last major release for awhile since I'm going back to start my Masters program. I'll work on new features when I have time though. Thanks for everyone's support!

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to implement "load more comments". I'll do that soon.

EDIT: 0.7.1 fixes some bad formatting of titles and comment bodies. Thanks to Todd for bringing this to my attention.
EDIT: 0.7.2 fixes couple minor bugs. thanks to jk3us again for pointing out force close when replying to thread while not logged in.
EDIT: 0.7.3 fixes a force close when selecting "pick subreddit" without internet connection
EDIT: 0.7.4 finally implements "load more comments". not inline, unfortunately (how would I handle all the indentation?). also adds "go to parent" context menu option for more convenient navigation.

 Also if you'd like to donate, please use the "reddit is fun donation" app in the Market. I also have a paypal account (talklittle, gmail). Thanks very much! :)


  1. Love the new version. I've been having an issue with posting replies to comments, though. It lets me type them in, but when I hit the button to post it, the program force quits every time. Hope it's not too rough to fix and thanks for the great app.

  2. Seth: I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm able to reply to thread and reply to comments without a hitch. Are you by any chance using a custom ROM or Apps2sd? Which model phone? I think people using apps2sd had some problems with reddit is fun.

  3. I'm using cyanogen 4.0.4 with apps2sd. I had to fix some similar issues for Wireless Tether, so I'll take a look at your github code if I get a chance. In case I can't, most of the relevant changes should be in revisions 113-115.

  4. Oh, I lied. Most of the changes are in revision 94.

  5. I'm using cyanogen and apps2sd and I'm having force closes a lot too. I am now always getting them when I try to come back from visiting a link (hey this [pic] looks good, load, LOL, go back to reddit is fun FC, doh).

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